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EMVA Spotlight Series
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Open until 27 January 2022

The Brandnew EMVA Spotlight Series

Expert insights on topics from the inner track of Vision Tech

In times where the COVID-19 pandemic still causes severe restrictions in business and private areas the EMVA offers a series of virtual meetings providing excellent content by industry professionals.

You have meanwhile watched too many webinars and conference records?
We keep it short, efficient, informative and agile:

  • Registration is free of any charges
  • Just 1 meeting per month
  • For just 1 hour you join in for a keynote presentation or 2-3 impulse talks
  • Time reserved for real exchange and Q&A
  • Before and after the meeting you may schedule individual 1:1 video meetings

With our Spotlight Series we have set up an interactive webinar format highlighting one specific aspect in the Vision Tech Industry in each of the events. Spotlight meetings will include a keynote talk, one or several impulse talks, as well as ample time for discussion and exchange with the speakers and audience.

Starting in October 2021 with the kick-off event featuring Volkswagen; further spotlights will be put once a month on how AI and Embedded Vision influence the Machine Vision Technology; what the trends are everyone needs to be aware of in machine vision; the role of standards in the penetration of existing and new markets by machine vision technology; and machine vision technology applied at Continental.

Join professionals and executives of our business and related segments to exchange market intelligence and news of innovative technologies. 


Register and select

At this event website you may register for the whole meeting series. Afterwards you select those meetings which matter to you and simply join the online meeting via the agenda.

We have assembled an exciting and informative program for the first upcoming sessions from October '21 to January '22 already. Further topics will be announced in due time.

Being a registered participant you may schedule individual meeting sessions with other attendees around the monthly EMVA Spotlight Event.

YES, you perfectly understood:

The well known and highly appreciated pre-scheduled b2b meetings will also be offered in this special online meeting series format.

You may choose your preferred conversation partners out of the list of attendees. Individual video calls then will be scheduled offering you meeting your peers 'virtual face-to-face' for networking, exchange of ideas or learn how others handle their busines challenges in a pandemic environment.

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